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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the website genuine(i.e. not a scam)?

The admin is the same on multiple websites, all of them guarantee if your earnings are honest and valid they will be sent to your account. You can do your own research and search for reviews.

What does no house edge stand for?

Gambling websites take a fee for themselves which is called house edge, however on this site there is no edge! Meaning that you will keep winning as long as new people keep adding cash to the pot. The only fees taken by the site are in the form of flat fees to cover expences, additionally income is generated in the form of ad impressions from ad banners. This is to keep the site running and pay for hosting and etc.

How exactly does the game work?

Currently there is only one game (probably, if things go well more will be added in the future), all you have to do is to place a bet, the money goes to the "pot" and you are assigned a position in the "queue" based on the amount of people who placed a bet before you. Once your position in the queue is 1 and the pot has enough funds you will receive the reward!

What is CGM?

"CGM" or else "Cryptogaming" is the currency of all websites associated with "cryptogaming". Initially 500.000 tokens are distributed on each platform, meaning that only 500.000 will be available on no house edge. Tokens sold on the market will return to the market pot and the fees from betting will be added to the faucet.

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"No house edge"

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